Mapendano Voyages is a company aiming to offer the ultimate natural experience in Central and Eastern Africa. Mapendano Voyages was started because we discovered the magnificent multitude of natural resources available in this region.

By sharing our love for outdoor activities and wild nature we make our dream come true and make a living at the same time in a healthy and endurable way.

Mapendano Voyages is a team of experienced individuals who have worked together for many years and have an extensive knowledge of Central and Eastern Africa. We are well acquainted with the different cultures and customs of the area as well as with the wildlife and flora. We all have one thing in common. We are totally committed to our clients. We strongly believe that a wildlife safari is a unique experience and we work to ensure that our clients get the maximum enjoyment from it.

Read more about our people and why we think we can help you make your dreamtrip come true.

We are very proud to be selected as Evaneos' local agent in Rwanda and Uganda. This is a quality stamp for the work we do. Thank you Evaneos!

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Marcel WalterMarcel WALTER
Managing Director, but also tour leader.

Having completed his technical studies and worked as an engineer with an American company, he left Europe in 1978 and travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and the Sahara before discovering the ‘real Africa’. Since 1985, he has operated safaris in Zaire, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

His knowledge of the fauna and flora of Central & East Africa and the many aspects of the local cultures, make being on safari with Marcel a truly memorable experience. He speaks fluent French, English, German and Swahili, dividing his time between Europe and Africa.


He is in charge of accounting, relationship with authorities. He deales with the logistics of travel, driver/guides and cars.
He likes as well to guide some mountain tours.


She is responsible for communication, tour consultant and dealing with reservation.
She is passionate about wildlife tourism and eco-tourism, tourism attraction & Culture.
She will be your preferred consultant for your adventure!

Born and raised on the edge of the Congo’s tropical forest, he started his professional career as a driver between Goma and Kisangani. It goes without saying that he knows a large part of his country like the back of his hand.

Fluent in French, Swahili, Lingala and several other African languages, Marin has been with our company since the beginning and has travelled most remote and almost forgotten corners of Central Africa.